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May 21

Bitcoin 2013 Day TWO and THREE

The Blur Parting is such sweet sorrow. This past weekend has been such a whirlwind for Mister P and I, I am still trying to assimilate my thoughts and regain my faculties. Damn it, I also need to unpack my suitcase gahh. And where the hell is my phone charger… Check back with me later. […]

May 18

Bitcoin 2013 Day ONE

Errybody in the Conference gettin Tipsy I am hungover. Clearly I had one too many Satoshinis last night, and my head is still reeling from the insane vibe here at Bitcoin2013. I’ve met some crazy cool people so far, and more importantly, some freaking awesome women. I refuse to force myself to write a functionally […]

May 16

My Bitcoin2013 Weekend Jam

This weekend is going to be epic. With 1,000 comfirmed attendees and a jam-packed schedule of events, San Jose won’t know what hit them. My optimistic prediction is a flood of businesses falling under Bitcoin’s spell as us ‘coiners run amuck on the streets looking for establishments to spend our virtual dough. So as The […]