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February 11

How do I love thee? Let me count the Bitcoin

Be My Bitcoin Nothing says I love you like Bitcoin. So here is another TBW craft to liven up your paper wallet gifts for the romantic holiday. Add a few chocolates in the box, and you are good to go. You might not be able to buy love with Bitcoin, but you can certainly make […]

January 10

Getting in Shape with Bitcoin

Bitcoin Weight Loss Challenge 2014 It is no secret I am a whole lotta woman. I love my life with Mr. P and celebrate it often…with food of course! And I am not ashamed to say that we both could stand to lose some junk in the trunk. Looking forward to a positive year for […]

December 23

A Crafty Crypto Christmas

Bitcoin and Litecoin Christmas Stars It’s all about presentation people. Are you planning to give the gift of crypto this holiday season? Do it in style with these Bitcoin and Litecoin Christmas Stars. If your home is anything like ours, Bitcoin predictably ended up on our kids christmas wish lists this year. And because I […]

October 08

Bitcoin & Women: The Network Strength No One is Talking About

Bitcoin Austin is a delightful group of people. And they don’t mess around with meetups. Every month they hold a mini conference full of flash presentations and talks. I had the privilege of participating in their September event, so I decided to bust out the soap box. And the cookies. Please to enjoy!  

August 23

Kids, Chores, and Bitcoin

Share the work and Share the Bitcoin I wouldn’t be a good Bitcoin wife or mother if I didn’t seize the opportunity to teach the Bitcoinettes a lesson in responsibility to oneself and the household. I have made it a point in the past to separate chores and allowance, making the existence of both mutually […]

August 21

A matcha made in heaven

Cocktail and Smoothie Matcha Mr. P, le Bitcoin husband, is enamored with Soylent. No, not the movie, but the crowd-funded liquid food replacement. Is it a government cover-up? Is it the answer to world hunger? Is it people? Only Satoshi knows. What I do know is drinking something that equates to ADULT FORMULA does not appeal to me […]

August 18

I got the munchies for Bitcoin

BitMunchies The BitMunchies online store is a relic in Bitcoin history. Back when Bitcoin commerce was as bare as Old Mother Hubbard’s cupboards, BitMunchies offered the first and only grocery option, which was welcomed with open arms. With offerings such as Red Bull, Ramen Noodles, and Slim Jims, the “munchies” aspect of the site did […]

August 14

I once bought an Alpaca with Bitcoin, and nearly lost my socks!

GrassHill Alpacas I once bought an Alpaca with Bitcoin, and nearly lost my socks! -Dave, I’ll get to the above quote in a hot minute. But first, hell to the yes I own a pair of the famous Bitcoin Alpaca socks, and they are like a soft cocoon of billowy warmth on your feet. […]

July 02

Bitcoin is one tough cookie

Orange Dreamsicle Bitcoin Cookies Bitcoin is one tough cookie, but a delicious one at that! Amid the recent regulation turmoil and uncertainty, the hope and the optimism in the Bitcoin community remains steadfast. I’ve been eagerly following all the buzz coming out of BTCLondon, and Bitcoin’s future looks bright. I may be a cockeyed optimist, but Bitcoin […]

June 18

Eau de Bitcoin

Authentic Fragrances Ladies, ladies…has it really been three weeks? I took a small-ish hiatus from my wifey duties here to enjoy summer activities with the Bitcoinettes, and time has flown by faster than the difficulty increase. All this quality time spent with my little kilobytes and I’m ready for an evening away from diapers and sibling […]

May 30

Bitcoin Island Style

Feeling the Aloha We made history last night. For the first time on Hawaiian soil, a table of Bitcoiners broke the proverbial bread and waxed romantic about the crypto-currency we love so dear. There were a total of 8 Bitcoiners that showed, 2 being women! That 25% ratio left me more than optimistic. Skipping the formalities, we […]

May 29

Misses P on CoinDesk

Bitcoin isn’t just for Women So much for internet anonymity! Check out The Bitcoin Wife’s two satoshi on the CoinDesk‘s write-up of women in Bitcoin. The 25BTC Casascius Coin I’m wearing around my neck is real, and belongs to fellow Bitcoiner Stephen Gornick, whom we met at the Bitcoin2013 Convention. Read on…

May 29

I love you like a Bitcoin Baby

The Aftermath Mister P and I got hitched back in January, but never had a honeymoon. Bitcoin 2013 was our first official weekend getaway without kids. All my fellow lactating sisters who just weaned their babies can feel me on this one. Free of all spawned attachments, it was a slippery slope assuming our drinking […]

May 21

Bitcoin 2013 Day TWO and THREE

The Blur Parting is such sweet sorrow. This past weekend has been such a whirlwind for Mister P and I, I am still trying to assimilate my thoughts and regain my faculties. Damn it, I also need to unpack my suitcase gahh. And where the hell is my phone charger… Check back with me later. […]

May 18

Bitcoin 2013 Day ONE

Errybody in the Conference gettin Tipsy I am hungover. Clearly I had one too many Satoshinis last night, and my head is still reeling from the insane vibe here at Bitcoin2013. I’ve met some crazy cool people so far, and more importantly, some freaking awesome women. I refuse to force myself to write a functionally […]

May 16

My Bitcoin2013 Weekend Jam

This weekend is going to be epic. With 1,000 comfirmed attendees and a jam-packed schedule of events, San Jose won’t know what hit them. My optimistic prediction is a flood of businesses falling under Bitcoin’s spell as us ‘coiners run amuck on the streets looking for establishments to spend our virtual dough. So as The […]

May 06

Bitcoin Wife Not Affected

Shirtoshi Small Batch Bitcoin Shirts To say the discussion on /r/bitcoin was heated yesterday is an understatement. They told me to tone down the stereotypes, they gasped that I would call myself a “wife”, and I loved every second of it. I don’t take myself seriously and neither should you. The Bitcoin Wife will continue to bring […]

May 06

I want to review your products!

You sell cool shit. You accept Bitcoin like a boss. I want to know about it! Get over to my Contact page NOW and hit me up!

May 05

Bits or GTFO

BITCOIN NEEDS MORE VAGINA. And I’m not talking about GirlsGoneBitcoin. I am a wife and a mother. And I love to spend me some Bitcoin. My husband dove head first into the Bitcoin world back in 2011, and frankly, that is all we talk about anymore.  Current events? Boooring. Neighborhood gossip? Insignificant drivel. Kids? What […]