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August 30

You make me feel like a natural woman

Sandalwood Styling Wax Living in a tropical paradise is not all pineapples and plumerias. Humidity hangs out around here and is a huge asshole to me and my Mufasa mane. I have a frizzy, wavy mess of a bird’s nest on my head that rarely responds to any sort of coercion. Back in the hair-band […]

June 21

The first Bitcoin Wife Giveaway!

Bad Dog Farms Handmade Soap Sometimes a product comes along and really knocks your socks off. Your dirty, smelly, nasty socks off. That little gem would be Bad Dog Farms and their all natural soap. I fiend for natural soaps. I have the kind of sensitive skin that hates the harsh stuff. Seriously, Irish Spring […]

June 18

Eau de Bitcoin

Authentic Fragrances Ladies, ladies…has it really been three weeks? I took a small-ish hiatus from my wifey duties here to enjoy summer activities with the Bitcoinettes, and time has flown by faster than the difficulty increase. All this quality time spent with my little kilobytes and I’m ready for an evening away from diapers and sibling […]

May 07

Clean your Dirty Bits

Mahogany and Black Tea Soap Bar Coingig sells some wacky stuff. From Lowrider Tightie Whities (for real?) to magic rocks, this site is a riot to peruse. But black soap? What the funky chicken is that? The Mahogany and Black Tea Soap Bar is made from 100% pure coconut oil and scented with black tea and mahogany. […]

May 06

Right in the Kisser

BROWN SUGAR LIP SCRUB This little pot of yummy goodness not only leaves your lips soft, supple, and ready for some serious kissing action,  it tastes good! Like you can really eat it, I swear. Just scrub your smoocher for a few, then lick off! (Side rant: unlike those damn BonneBell LipSmackers from the 80’s […]