February 13

Everything is coming up Roses and Bitcoin

BitRoses TBW

The “I’m sorry I stare at my computer all day” Bouquet


With all the Bitcoin drama this week, you haven’t been able to peel your eyes from your computer screen, have you? Because really,  who needs sleep and food? Mere burdens as we watch the markets fall all over the place. Your dedication to the perpetual Bitcoin gossip…er…news is second to none, and I commend you for it.

Is this you? BitRoses can help

But did, um, you realize its Valentines Day tomorrow? No? Seriously, when was the last time you saw your significant other? Or showered for that matter? Mmmhmmm. That is what I thought. Don’t despair, everything is going to be alright. BitRoses is here to help. From the comfort of your well-imprinted desk chair, you can have beautiful bouquets of flowers delivered right to your door. BitRoses is the first bitcoin-only accepting flower delivery service, and they have opened up shop just in the nick of time.

Stop and smell the Bitcoin

BitRoses has partnered with Florist One. Florist One has been online since 1999 and was born from a third-generation family florist business that goes back 50 years. Florist One provides flower delivery to the United States and Canada using using 15,000 local florists in the FTD and Teleflora networks.

To be sure you get this right, and redeem yourself with your loved one tomorrow, The Bitcoin Wife is giving you $5 off of everything for the month of February! Just use the coupon code “thebitcoinwife”. Just please shower at some point before the flowers arrive.

So go on now, and save your relationship. Bitcoin is wonderful, but it will never love you back. It will, however, score you some brownie points with those who do.