A Crafty Crypto Christmas

Bitcoin and Litecoin Christmas Stars by The Bitcoin Wife

Bitcoin and Litecoin Christmas Stars

It’s all about presentation people. Are you planning to give the gift of crypto this holiday season? Do it in style with these Bitcoin and Litecoin Christmas Stars. If your home is anything like ours, Bitcoin predictably ended up on our kids christmas wish lists this year. And because I take sadistic pleasure in making things more complicated than it needs to be, I created these super cute paper star ornaments to house the paper wallets I’ll be giving them. If you would like to make your own paper ornament, click below for the PDF files and start getting crafty! Need a paper wallet? Visit bitaddress.org and liteaddress.org to fill your stars full of crypto-cheer. You can also try out LocalBitcoin’s new coupon service. From The Bitcoin Wife to you, Happy Holidays and I hope you all have a very Crypto Christmas. Cheers!

Bitcoin Star Printout


Litecoin Star Printout