September 09


A Bitcoin Wife Pampered Giveaway

Need Moar Bubbly

Your Bitcoin’s like a Rollercoaster Baby Baby

OMG the price is rising. OMG the price is falling. eBay loves us! eBay hates us. eBay loves us again? I can’t take all these emotional highs and lows! Maybe a warm bath and a glass of wine will help.

Calgon take me away…

Ahhhhhhh, very nice. I think I may have averted an aneurysm. But, umm – you look like you could use a little R&R too, if you know what I mean.  Have no fear, this giveaway has everything you need to relieve that stress! My homies at Wholly Hemp and CoinForest have hooked it up:

Wholly Hemp Bodacious Bergamot Soap


$50 Gift Code to Naked Wines courtesy of CoinForest

You likey? You want? Good! Bark like a dog. Bark like a BIG dog. Eeeeexcelleennt. Ok, now that you have proven your loyalty, here is the real contest. Complete the following sentence:

“I need a Bitcoin Wife pampering because ________”

To be eligible, you MUST enter via one of these methods by Friday the 13th before midnight HST:

1. Leave a comment below

2. Tweet at me

3. Leave a Facebook comment

Any answer will do, but I want something good. Convince me you need it most! Should you win the fight for your right to pamper, you will receive the Naked Wines gift code via email and the soap via a Bitcoin-bedazzled envelope from yours truly:

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

 At this time, I can only open this particular giveaway to U.S. residents. So let’s do this! And don’t make me wait 2 weeks for a contestant to enter like last time pretty please…