Seeing the Bitcoin forest for the trees


I can see clearly now, the B.S. is gone


Before Bitcoin and during its heyday,  I had about a dozen Groupons at any given time.  So on that small, teensy-weeny, off chance I might have a hankering for $25 worth of “authentic” Texas BBQ, or perhaps feel inspired to attend up to 10 free classes of Bikram Yoga, with the option of becoming a regular member…I’d be ready to go (stop laughing!) See, I didn’t actually ever get around to eating some dry, chewy ribs nor did I manage to sweat my arse off in a 90 degree room smelling of patchouli. But like a moth to the flame, I just couldn’t resist the discount.

And who doesn’t love to save money? With a bleeding economy and rampant inflation afoot, it behooves us all to spend a little more thoughtfully. Bitcoin, in all its deflationary glory, helps to illicit this higher-conscience of value we put on our money. Do I really need <enter shiny object>? Is <enter flashy toy> worth the amount I’m spending? Is <enter awesome business that accepts Bitcoin> a trustworthy company that I want my Bitcoin going to?

While Groupon not only lacks the answers to these moral questions, they are dealing the crack that fiat is creating: mindless and panic spending of money that will never be worth as much as it is right now. Ever. Forever ever?

Yes, its true. The man really did ruin the ozone, put shamu in a tank, and is stealing the value of your dollar like a fart in the wind.  Shhhh, stop with sobbing. Really, it’s going to be ok. You know why? CoinForest is the light at the end of our tunnel baby! They are bringing the sexy that Groupon never could and are everything Groupon could never be. Though still in its infancy, their fearless leader Jon is taking his passion for Bitcoin to task by starting the first group deal site of its kind. It’s a win-win deal for Bitcoin businesses and Bitcoin spenders alike.

CoinForest runs weekly deals on items that people in the Bitcoin community show interest for. They have an ingenious method of voting on popular items by sending mBTC for the deal you are interested in. This helps them to negotiate better deals with businesses and get a feel for what people want. All Bitcoin used for voting is donated to EFF or the Bitcoin Foundation.

CoinForest is carving out a very important niche for Bitcoin commerce. We all want to see the Bitcoin economy grow, and they are making it that much easier for us to do our part, by offering us the sweet deals as we support Bitcoin businesses. If you are being a good Bitcoin Wife reader, you should still be able to take advantage of their current deal, which are Bitcoin Paper Wallets at 25% off. I just bought mine, and can’t wait to turn the project into fun-craft-hour with the kids (I know, what kind of Mom am I?) So stick it to the man and start saving on your Bitcoin purchases.

And if you are not already on their mail list, you are an L7 weenie and must prove your coolness by clicking the link below: