A matcha made in heaven

Made from leaves, not people

Cocktail and Smoothie Matcha

Mr. P, le Bitcoin husband, is enamored with Soylent. No, not the movie, but the crowd-funded liquid food replacement. Is it a government cover-up? Is it the answer to world hunger? Is it people? Only Satoshi knows. What I do know is drinking something that equates to ADULT FORMULA does not appeal to me at all.

They do accept Bitcoin for orders, which is beyond awesome. But until there are people sleeping on the stairs outside my home, and I am relegated to the status of furniture, (if you don’t get that reference, stop reading now, watch the movie, and report back) I think I’ll stick to real, whole food!

Anti-Oxidize yourself with Bitcoin

That is, if I’m going to take my meal in liquid form, it’s going to be a smoothie. And it’s great for kids too, because you can sneak all kinds of healthy things in there and they never notice, like spinach and avocados (yep I’m totally that mom.)

Earlier this week, as an an ode to the Soylent craze, I threw in some Matcha to our regular mix, and it was a delicious hint of creamy earthiness. Matcha is a versatile mofo, and you can buy some with bitcoin from Teanobi! A small bag is $17.95 worth of bitcoin. It may not be “high-energy plankton” but this green stuff will not only whip your free radicals into shape, it is most certainly…not people.