I got the munchies for Bitcoin

More than just the Munchies

More than just the Munchies


The BitMunchies online store is a relic in Bitcoin history. Back when Bitcoin commerce was as bare as Old Mother Hubbard’s cupboards, BitMunchies offered the first and only grocery option, which was welcomed with open arms. With offerings such as Red Bull, Ramen Noodles, and Slim Jims, the “munchies” aspect of the site did not disappoint. And then…the store just disappeared, like a puff of smoke.

Fear not Bitcoiners, for BitMunchies is back…back with a new owner, some junk in the trunk and way more than just snacks to soothe late night noshing. With over 20,000  grocery and household goods available with immediate shipping (and free to boot for orders over $50) BitMunchies is again setting the standard for the Bitcoin food market online.

Filling up the pantry...with Bitcoin

Filling up the pantry…with Bitcoin

Gerard at BitMunchies is excited to be the new caretaker of the upgraded site and is hoping to breathe some life back into the grocery market within our Bitcoin community. I ordered some GoGo Squeeze Applesauce for the youngest Bitcoinette, who loves to eat food out of a pouch like the astronaut she was born to be:

Never to early to start!

My shipment arrived ridiculously fast (which is saying something living out in the middle of an ocean) and the free shipping was a welcomed perk. This is made possible because orders are filled by WaMart, for those who wish to know. So if you are of the “boycott big bad evil corporations” camp, this might not be the website for you. But perhaps the benevolence of paying with Bitcoin cancels out the damage of supporting “the man”? I dunno, seriously, you’ll have to find your own reason to sleep at night, no moral high grounds here…

So Bitcoinland, welcome to your grocery store. Grab a cart, bust out your shopping list, and get your munchies on. Want a sweet deal on your loot? Check out my Featured Deals section for a Bitcoin Wife hook up for your next trip to BitMunchies:


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