The Gyft that keeps on giving

Yes you CAN buy everyday groceries with Bitcoin, thank you very much

Gyft Mobile App

If you were wondering why I haven’t posted for a month and a half… you can blame Gyft. Gyft with their nefarious plans to make spending so sinfully easy for Bitcoiners, their beautiful mobile app that organizes all my gift cards, their numerous retailers and restaurants taunting me. My failed attempts of frugality left me no options. I was on a road of consumption people, paved in beautifully digital gift cards.

Ooooh, shiny apps

Ok hyperbole much? Dramatics aside, I am in love with Gyft. By accepting Bitcoin, they didn’t just open the door for Bitcoin spending, they took dynamite to the wall and busted the market wide open.  We’ve eaten at Chili’s, Burger King, shopped for groceries and school supplies at KMart, and I won’t even get into our Amazon obsession (with Prime, it’s dangerous territory.) All using Bitcoin and Gyft.

Bitcoin + Gyft = WIN

Daily shopping is great, but the best aspect of Gyft, by far, is the ability to share your gift cards. And it is stupid easy to do so. 2 weeks ago, the Bitcoinettes were vacationing in California, and went to Disneyland with their grandparents. My parents mentioned they might eat lunch at Downtown Disney. So I bought a Rainforest Cafe card through Gyft, and promptly sent it to my Dad as they were eating. He downloaded the app and redeemed the card at the end of their meal. I was able to treat them to an impromptu lunch within minutes of considering it, flawlessly. That’s just bananas.

Lunch is on me guys…2500 miles away

THIS is what I love about the Bitcoin movement, and the awesome companies that are choosing to integrate it into their business. It all just makes sense, and works so well. If you haven’t tried Gyft yet, you are missing out on a spectacular experience.