I once bought an Alpaca with Bitcoin, and nearly lost my socks!

Alpacas. Fancy llamas for the discerning Bitcoiner.

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I once bought an Alpaca with Bitcoin, and nearly lost my socks!

-Dave, coinblog.ca

I’ll get to the above quote in a hot minute. But first, hell to the yes I own a pair of the famous Bitcoin Alpaca socks, and they are like a soft cocoon of billowy warmth on your feet. Maybe once or twice a year it gets cold enough to wear them here. No…not really. I will, however, sometimes slip them on, blast the AC to 60 degrees, sip some Hot Cocoa, get a warm youtube fireplace going, and fantasize of snow-capped mountainous regions where the seasons keep your senses engaged. Alas, all I have to work with are these pesky balmy skies and trade winds:

The Bitcoin life in Hawaii

After a hard day of Bitcoining…

It’s a rough life, right? Did I mention how wretchedly humid and hot it is here? How expensive a gallon of milk is? How baron the Bitcoin landscape is? How difficult it is to shove my fancy llama socks into a pair of slippers? Not buying it? Hey, we all have our struggles.

How to properly wear Alpaca socks in Hawaii

How to properly wear Alpaca socks in Hawaii

Speaking of non-existent struggles, I am excited to announce someone actually participated in my first TBW giveaway! I had to wait two weeks for a single response, but it was well worth it. Congratulations to Dave from coinblog.ca who submitted the aforementioned witty response. He will be receiving a delicious bar of soap courtesy of Bad Dog Farms, along with with some Bitcoin shwag. Check out Dave’s blog sometime, it has been rumored he will be doing monthly Bitcoin contests where you can score some BTC…err XBT…(tomato, tomatoe) by correctly guessing end of the month market prices. Thanks for humoring my whims Dave!

Be on the lookout for my next giveaway, and if you don’t have a pair of magic-fancy-llama-footsies yet, march your tired, sweet toes on over to GrassHill Alpacas to give your feet some love. $20 in BTC/XBT (gah!) plus shipping.