Sugar with a cause

…and I accidentally the entire bag.

White Chocolate Covered Cinnamon Caramels

Agorism is alive and well in New Hampshire. And the proof is in the pudding…or caramel, as the case may be. Jillian’s delights at Stateless Sweets seriously make you question why you ever wasted a single FRN on a Snickers. Don’t ever make that mistake again! I recently purchased her White Chocolate Covered Cinnamon Caramels with some BTC, and the bag lasted…oh, maybe a day.

Ok, a few hours.

Fine – we scarfed these little bad boys down as soon as they were ready (Jillian instructed us to refrigerate for 30 minutes upon delivery for maximum pleasure.) It was well worth the wait as they really do taste like a cinnamon roll. Like a cinnamon roll on crack. And unlike a Cinnabon, you feel less guilty shoving these into your mouth.

Buying caramels with Bitcoin from Stateless Sweets was effortless and smooth thanks to BitPay and Jillian’s excellent customer service. Of course, knowing you are also supporting a great movement that embraces Bitcoin, makes it that much sweeter.

You can still enjoy 10% off Jillian’s delectable creations by going to Featured Deals.