Bitcoin Island Style

Coffee? Tea? Bitcoin?

Kamanawana-Bitcoin ya!

Feeling the Aloha

We made history last night. For the first time on Hawaiian soil, a table of Bitcoiners broke the proverbial bread and waxed romantic about the crypto-currency we love so dear. There were a total of 8 Bitcoiners that showed, 2 being women! That 25% ratio left me more than optimistic.

Coffee? Tea? Bitcoin?

Skipping the formalities, we jumped right into our experiences, our hopes, and our mutual excitement over Bitcoin. We had perspectives from all walks: programmers, Libertarians, the finance sector, techies and miners…even 4chan was repped hah! Despite our lack of an agenda, the information exchanged between everyone was constructive and genuine.

BFL Asic Chip and Single Board

Mister P’s BFL Asic Chip and Single Board

Mister P had convention swag and Bitcoin Magazines on display, including souvenirs from his recent trip to Butterfly Labs. There was talk about silver trading, T-bills, state of the economy and government control, possible Bitcoin projects, and how Hawaii’s businesses could benefit from Bitcoin services like BitPay. The coffee chatter led us to a collaborative mission to seek out potential merchants/restaurants that would be interested in accepting Bitcoin.

It was a short and sweet meetup, and we sent everyone on their way with some Bitcoin decals to adorn the islands with the Bitcoin message. Everyone there was super cool, and I can’t wait for our next get together so we can get to know everyone a little better, and hopefully meet more Bitcoin islanders. My only regret is that we didn’t take a group picture with the inaugural attendees. If you happen to be on Oahu, or plan on visiting in the future, join us!