Nectar of the Bitcoin Gods

Chardo-NAILED it

Organic Vegan Ice Wine 2011

Someone famous, somewhere on the interwebs, was once misquoted as saying “Wine is proof that the Bitcoin Gods love us and want us to be happy.” If its on the internet, it must be true, right?

This ice wine makes a believer out of me and invokes wanton lust in my heart. Ahem, and I quote…

“Aromas of banana chips, almond croissant, pineapple upside-down cake and rosewater.  Lemon Meringue in the mouth with fresh toffee flavours and a sharp acidity.  Never ending finish..”

Ex squeeze me? Baking Powder? I need this perfection in my mouth. Now. Praise the gods of Bitcoin that Rollingdale Winery in British Columbia is the first winery in North America that accepts BTC! At 59.90 worth of your crypto cheddar, this certified organic Chardonnay will make a convert out of you too.