Go Go Gadget Cuff Links

These little beauts match perfectly with those pink fuzzy handcuffs tucked away in your closet. Yeah I know about them.

UnCuff Cuff Links

My brother went a bachelor party in Las Vegas last summer. The last thing he remembered was drinking too many Rum n’ Cokes at a titty bar. The next morning, he woke up in Tijuana, handcuffed to a donkey in a dimly lit room, in nothing but his french cuff shirt and batman boxers. True story. Seriously!

No, no, not really. BUT… imagine if it were! These cuff links would have saved him a load of embarrassment. Not only do these cuff links look fly and keep your shirt in check, they unlock most handcuffs!

I know, I know. Dual purpose fashion gives me a lady boner too.

Australia based company Cufflinked says accepting Bitcoins was a no-brainer, and so far the experience has been a very positive one. Co-owner Niki mentions that BitPay gave them top-notch service making their service work with the Magento Commerce platform of their site. Bitcoin has opened their business up to a whole new market that they otherwise would not have had.

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