Clean your Dirty Bits

WTF black soap?

Mahogany and Black Tea Soap Bar

Coingig sells some wacky stuff. From Lowrider Tightie Whities (for real?) to magic rocks, this site is a riot to peruse. But black soap? What the funky chicken is that? The Mahogany and Black Tea Soap Bar is made from 100% pure coconut oil and scented with black tea and mahogany. The black color, however, is from the activated charcoal within the soap which helps to draw the toxins out of your skin. Don’t even try to pretend you couldn’t use some of that action.

Coingig lists all prices in BTC, which I highly recommend to any merchant planning to accept Bitcoin. The price of the products auto adjusts every 2 minutes to the current bitcoin price to reflect the original price set when you add the product to your cart. At the time of this post, one bar of  soap costs 0.02854068 BTC.