May 06


Not in the kitchen where I belong

Add pineapple to any dish and turn it into a Hawaiian delicacy

Ham and pineapple equals crazy delicious


It was getting late. The kids were hungry. We had been running around all day, buying snacks for volleyball games the next day, and I was not in the mood to cook dinner. Enter pizzaforcoins. I had known about the site for a while, but hadn’t gotten around to trying out their service. That was, until Kashmir Hill‘s experiment, Living off Bitcoin for a Week, on Forbes. I have been following her from day one (who hasn’t?) as it is so rare to hear from a female voice in the Bitcoin world. When she mentioned that the business has sold pizza for Bitcoin to customers in every state, EXCEPT Hawaii, it was a done deal. I like being the first to do things, because I’m alpha like that. The entire process was a positive experience and Matt the owner is super cool. He hooked us up with a free 2 liter Coke for being his first customers in Hawaii. We will definitely use their site again soon. Yeah we totally ordered a Hawaiian pizza. Don’t judge.