Bits or GTFO

Check out those decentralized assets

Check out those decentralized assets


And I’m not talking about GirlsGoneBitcoin. I am a wife and a mother. And I love to spend me some Bitcoin. My husband dove head first into the Bitcoin world back in 2011, and frankly, that is all we talk about anymore.  Current events? Boooring. Neighborhood gossip? Insignificant drivel. Kids? What kids? We eat, sleep, and breathe Bitcoin, and I enjoy every minute of it. The huge bummer for me is…it’s just a bunch of dudes around here. For crying out loud, I can’t be the only chick who has her handy-dandy blockchain app on her iphone,  watches bitcoinity charts like a hawk, lurks the bitcointalk threads, lulz with the masses on /r/bitcoin, and most importantly, makes it rain Bitcoin on the internets.

There must be other women out there like me. Right? Right?!?!…hellooo?

Ladies, this is a call to arms. I am on a mission to turn this sausage fest into the fabulous soiree that Bitcoin was born to be. Your boyfriend/husband/partner/brother/boss has been talking your ear off about decentralized currencymarket volatility…or that Bitcoin town in Germany they want to visit…and seriously, what’s up with that french guy in Japan who loves the magic card game?

Cue the the eye rolls, and stroking of the air phallus, I get it.

It’s time to chickity check yo’ self. Spending Bitcoin is so easy. You can buy some dope things with it, and I’m not talking about SilkRoad. I’ve got lots of goodies in store for you from food to fashion to travel. These are exciting times, and the boys shouldn’t get to have all the fun.

Come along on this journey with me. I am The Bitcoin Wife.

Aloha, Misses P